In my Investigation, I’m working with my partner, Hongly, we are investigate about the soil. We want to find the best soil in our campus. Right now, we are doing it by taking the soil from the junior house. We test it through some equipment from lamotte. We want to test Nitrogen, Potassium, pH and phosphorus. We have some equipment such as Phosphorus extracting solution, Potassium extracting solution, Nitrogen extracting solution, pH indicator and some little things.

Our goal is to test the best quantity of soil in our campus. Than if possible in the next round, we will use that best soil to plant tree or other seeds.

Throughout the experiment. we can see that the equipment is pretty awesome. We can know a lot what is in the soil. A lot of soil have different thing. This indicate that soil is also the important thing to learn about. And we will update what going on with our experiment.

Climate Change

My exploration team along with my teacher Karen are now really focusing on the three topics. They are International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (ISCFC), Green Schools Initiatives and International polar bear competition. I’m in the group ISCFC which coordinate by the Stanford University. We now along with other 50,000 candidates in the contest. We have to calculate each individual’s carbon footprint in the carbon calculate to know how many carbon we release per year. We working on collecting all the data of our classmates. The big question for this group is Are we carbon neutral? We are in progress, if you want to know you have to wait until this term sharation.


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Related image

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Climate Change Speech From member of WCS REDD+ Project

On Monday, 12 of December, a man name Donal is a member of WCS REDD+ Project has come to our school to share about climate change. This round exploration 2 group are talking about climate change and climate change game design. Both group need to know about climate change really well. In a pleasure, Mr. Donal has come and share about climate change to us. He had explained when a Carbon Dioxide (Co2)  release to the atmosphere and what will happen. Their project also determine whether Cambodia is Carbon neutral.

He also explained about REDD+ Project. REDD+ stand for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. This project will help determine and reduce Carbon Dioxide that has too much at the atmosphere.

Thanks to Mr. Donal that share about REDD+ Project and climate change, we’ll be able to continue our exploration with the information he had given.

Donal Yeang

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Liger Sharation Year 5

At 2nd of December, Liger held up year 5 Sharation. It’s also my first time to do sharation. There are 4 exploration in this round. This round exploration I’m in Waste Management team. Waste Management talk about creating a business to reduce waste around our community. We are doing a feasibility study to know that we can open this business. This exploration will continue to the next and next round and end up start open the business.

Another exploration that is like the last round is Khmer rouge, Last time we learn our the time before Khmer rouge happen and now we talk about during Khmer rouge. Khmer rouge is really important to learn about and is a crucial history of Cambodia.

Next one is Preventative health exploration, This exploration is talk about how to prevent our health for maintaining our health. This group also went to Koh Rong to share their knowledge to the student in government school at there.

The last exploration is robotics, Robotics team gather and create a robot to compete in the VEX robotics competition in Taiwan. They went into many work to  be ready for the competition. They do Fund raising to make money to go to Taiwan. Through all the hard work they end up receiving a notice from judge from the competition and got “Judge Award”.

Sharation went smoothly by the collaboration of all the students.

Waste Management Exploration

My exploration team has been gone so far on our project and we are planning on going to Battambang province soon. There will be only about 2 weeks and a half left for our exploration. We are making different categories to make sure our business will going smoothly. We have been to visit the place people throw trash and learn what they had thrown, we went to interview people about our project and compost and had been to Kompot province to visit the foundation. We have a lot of thing to do, but we love to do it. We will keep doing it.


Keep going!!



Waste Management Exploration trip

On Saturday 5th of November, my exploration team that call waste management are going out on the trip to Kompot provinces. We going there to visit the foundation call Red Road foundation. The purpose of going to see that school is because that school are made of trash, they are doing recycled material such as organic waste, glass and plastic bottle and car tire. This foundation was found by a young women name Rachel.


They gather all the students to come and learn how to recycle and English. This school located in Kompot at the very tough road. But, we would all happy to that we are cleaning the environment and help those poor kids. Here is the picture of the school


Image result for red road foundation

This is just a small school, but full of smile from the students.

This school is cool. It doesn’t depend on the school big or small it’s depend that this school the poor kids.

We go and share our experience with them and we talk to each other. We have a good time.

Thanks, to Red Road foundation




Due to today singing class, we have a speaker to present about their organization. The speaker is from HFCA which is stand for Happy Football Cambodia Australia. They come to talk about their program. Their program is taking poor kids to learn football. They have the coach, shoes, football field, clothes and many other that they provide to the homeless kids. This program was operate since 2005 until now. They trained the kids to play football and try to avoid things like drug addict and any other violent things. They also make homeless FIFA cup and make the kids to join the homeless cup match at other countries. This course only do on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am-10:00 am. At Saturday they train and Sunday was a friendly match between each other.

What i like about this course is that they try to collect all of homeless kids to make like sports and get them away from the violent things. Here is the some photos of that course.



Green School

Yesterday, One of our facilitator named Waseem had invited the guest from Green School in Bali, Indonesia. Waseem had been there once and he wants to invited them to come and share what about Green School. The 2 guests from Green School had describe all the things from green school also known as Green camp. They said

Green school is made from the Bamboo (all the building)
The 4 pillars of the of the school is Sustainability, Leadership, Experiential education and Cultural appreciation.
Green camp also similar to Liger. They choose students, some students go back home everyday and some stay at the camp.
Everything is made from Bamboo even the beds.
One thing is that they want all the students to disconnect their phone and connect them to the nature

They do things that from nature and recycle them.

This is the really cool

Here is the view of the School


Today, we also have another guest name Chea Kagnarith from edemy. Edemy is program that run by him and some of his teammate. This program help all the rural and urban area to learn English language with zero connectivity. This program is similar to Khan Academy. Now this program is run with 400 students and 2 universities. They want to let students that don’t have enough money to afford the school to learn English. This also an amazing program. Because we want all Cambodian to educated even though they are poor or rich.



This the logo of the program

Today and yesterday, we have a such a cool presentation from our guest. And we hope their will be more guests visiting us

My first interview at Liger

Hey guys!!! According to my exploration with Keith waste management!! I have some work was to interview the people about trash what they throw everyday. We have interview many people and they answer it. We ask something like:

What is the trash that you use and throw the most? All of them all answer that they throw away plastic bags the most.
And one more question that seem good for all the people is that “If we put sorted trash bin and want all the people to put the trash in the correct type of trash”. And they said they would really thank to us of the plan to do that. I can see that people take the trash to burn and bury and also throw it away on the pile of trash nearby the pagoda. I can see that trash problem really effect people living. They even wish for the cintri or other company to come and take the trash. They don’t really want to do that either, but they have no choices.

We all want our country to be clean. We gathering together to help change our country.

Thank you!!!!