Independence Discovery

As part of our curriculum, we are permitted to have classes to further research our own interest subjects. This round, Venghour and I partnered up and studied Korean language. Without any tutor, we used resources from Korean textbooks, Ewha, and an online website, Korean 101.  We started off by studying basic grammars and daily vocabularies. Our goal is to be able to read, write, and understand Korean language. We’re starting off with very basic steps and we will continue to expand our knowledge in this language as much as possible. 

Example of how we learn

Expertise – Creative Technologies

Another curriculum, expertise, is where we learn all extra skills from a different field. One of my expertises is creative technologies where we learn technologies that differ from arts. We studied programming and electronics components. We have this expertise three days per week and one hour a day. Technologies also one of my favorite field to learn. I’ve learned some programming and getting to know more components including Arduino, breadboard…etc.

Currently, we are having a project. Our project is to create a mini robot to race with other robots. We have divided into small teams to work together. In that robot, we need to place Arduino, breadboard, batteries, motors, and wireless chips. Students need to design their own base and wheel to create this robot. We expected this project to finish as soon as possible.



In my Investigation, I’m working with my partner, Hongly, we are investigate about the soil. We want to find the best soil in our campus. Right now, we are doing it by taking the soil from the junior house. We test it through some equipment from lamotte. We want to test Nitrogen, Potassium, pH and phosphorus. We have some equipment such as Phosphorus extracting solution, Potassium extracting solution, Nitrogen extracting solution, pH indicator and some little things.

Our goal is to test the best quantity of soil in our campus. Than if possible in the next round, we will use that best soil to plant tree or other seeds.

Throughout the experiment. we can see that the equipment is pretty awesome. We can know a lot what is in the soil. A lot of soil have different thing. This indicate that soil is also the important thing to learn about. And we will update what going on with our experiment.