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On the 5th of October, it is the official launch of our school’s newspaper called the ‘Liger Edge’ !! There are a lot of incredible things happen in Liger and the only platforms we can use to share our stories are through Facebook and Instagram; furthermore, we can only write a few sentences. Therefore, we feel the need to create a school’s newspaper to spread stories of Liger in details. 

The newspaper is digital and we’ve established two websites for Khmer and English. We have 8 different categories: Features, Culture, Current Events, Stories of Change, A day in the Life, Opinion, Sports, and Caption this. We have 7 members in our team, all responsible as editors of each category. I am the editor in chief of Feature articles category.  So far, I’ve written three articles, though, not all are published. My first article talked about our new facilitators in this 2018-2019 school year. So, why don’t you check it out:

As We Fail – Features – Rika

Through writing these articles, I get a chance to enhance my writing skill and spur other students to share their voices through their writings. 

Our website has not yet been fully functioning, so sorry for this inconvenience. However, I hope my article above can act as a sneak peek to the incredible world of writings of our students.  

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