Physics Behind Everyday Activities

In physics class, we have a pause from equations, solving problems, inclined planes; however, change the topic to look at physics behind everyday activities. Our task before and after water festival holiday is to research of physics behind everyday activities. We chose our own topic to research on and present it to the class after the holiday. My partner and I had chosen the physics behind mirrors. We have to research the physics of mirrors like – what kind of law is it apply to..etc. Since this task is asked to research and do on our own, there are many contents that we haven’t learn yet. We’ve tried our best to deliver a simpler explanation of the physics of mirror. We didn’t get very deep into it because we don’t have enough time, furthermore, it’s complicated.

We have researched and found out that physics of mirrors involved in two laws including the law of reflection and conservation of energy. We also choose an important question about mirror: Do mirrors flip us horizontally and vertically? Ever wonder when you raise your right hand, the mirror raises your left hand; however, why don’t mirror flip us upside down when we stand upright. In the presentation, we covered law of reflection, conservation of energy, and how a mirror works especially does mirror flip us?

You can access more explanation of this research by this link:

Physics Behind Mirror

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