Waste Management Exploration trip

On Saturday 5th of November, my exploration team that call waste management are going out on the trip to Kompot provinces. We going there to visit the foundation call Red Road foundation. The purpose of going to see that school is because that school are made of trash, they are doing recycled material such as organic waste, glass and plastic bottle and car tire. This foundation was found by a young women name Rachel.


They gather all the students to come and learn how to recycle and English. This school located in Kompot at the very tough road. But, we would all happy to that we are cleaning the environment and help those poor kids. Here is the picture of the school


Image result for red road foundation

This is just a small school, but full of smile from the students.

This school is cool. It doesn’t depend on the school big or small it’s depend that this school the poor kids.

We go and share our experience with them and we talk to each other. We have a good time.

Thanks, to Red Road foundation



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