Green School

Yesterday, One of our facilitator named Waseem had invited the guest from Green School in Bali, Indonesia. Waseem had been there once and he wants to invited them to come and share what about Green School. The 2 guests from Green School had describe all the things from green school also known as Green camp. They said

Green school is made from the Bamboo (all the building)
The 4 pillars of the of the school is Sustainability, Leadership, Experiential education and Cultural appreciation.
Green camp also similar to Liger. They choose students, some students go back home everyday and some stay at the camp.
Everything is made from Bamboo even the beds.
One thing is that they want all the students to disconnect their phone and connect them to the nature

They do things that from nature and recycle them.

This is the really cool

Here is the view of the School


Today, we also have another guest name Chea Kagnarith from edemy. Edemy is program that run by him and some of his teammate. This program help all the rural and urban area to learn English language with zero connectivity. This program is similar to Khan Academy. Now this program is run with 400 students and 2 universities. They want to let students that don’t have enough money to afford the school to learn English. This also an amazing program. Because we want all Cambodian to educated even though they are poor or rich.



This the logo of the program

Today and yesterday, we have a such a cool presentation from our guest. And we hope their will be more guests visiting us

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